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Cancer is a complex disease and needs special care for treatment. Identification of disease causing mutations and gene expression patterns for stratification of samples/ patients are the important steps for targeted therapy. Biomarkers based screening of samples before deciding therapies will add lots of values in efficacious treatment.

  • PanCancer Pathways
  • PanCancer Progression
  • PanCancer Immune Profiling
  • Breast Cancer ER
  • DNA CNV Assay
  • Karyotyping Assay
  • Compreshensive Cancer

RNA Panels

  • Cancer Metabolism
  • DNA Damage and Repair

Protein Panels

  • Solid Tumor Signaling Pathways for cell lysates
  • Solid Tumor Signaling Pathways for FFPE


DNA Panels

  • SNV Solid Tumor

Fusion Panels

  • Lung Gene Fusion
  • Leukemia Gene Fusion

Vantage* 3D : Any of the above 3 panels could be used for 3D assays. They can also be run separately based on needs.






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