Protein Panels

GeoMx® Protein Assays

High-plex Spatial Proteomic Analysis
GeoMx® Protein Assays enable quantitative, spatial analysis of 96+ proteins from a single FFPE or Fresh Frozen slide, vastly expanding the number of markers you can profile from a single tissue section compared to traditional immunohistochemical methods. All assays are validated for use in multiplex so you can focus on the biology of interest without wasting time troubleshooting assay performance.
Spatial Proteogenomics
Simplify your multiomics studies with the multimodal Spatial Proteogenomics workflow. This workflow enables co-detection of RNA and protein from the same tissue slide on GeoMx® DSP with NGS as the readout method. Harness the sensitivity of both GeoMx® RNA Assays and GeoMx® Protein Assays to capture a complete picture of your biology starting with transcription to translation with capabilities to measure protein activation and post-translational modifications.